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At D Barton Construction, we supply high-quality, durable Resin Driveways for our valued customers every day.

While the addition of a new driveway to your home or property comes with obvious benefits, there are so many other perks that come with opting for a Resin Driveway that may not initially come to mind.

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Resin Driveways Bury: The benefits

Here’s just a handful of the reasons why our Bury-based customers regularly opt for a high-quality and immaculate Resin Driveway:

Our Resin Driveways are fully permeable

This will ensure that your new driveway won’t collect water during periods of heavy rainfall. This is perfect for driveways that don’t slope onto the road, often leading to pools forming around the surface.

Resin Driveways have a smooth finish that is easy to traverse

This is ideal for pushchairs, bicycles, children and disabled access!

The material is incredibly durable and long lasting.

Available in multiple colours, the resin can be used to create a vast array of patterns, shapes and numbers.
Resin Driveways are incredibly easy to clean, simply use a jetwash or a stiff brush to clean away any collections of dirt and debris.


Resin Bond & Bound Driveway options

We have 2 core products when it comes to our resin driveways. Both are an incredible addition to any property and will always prove to be a sound investment. These are;

  • Resin Bond Driveways Bury
  • Resin Bound Driveways Bury


Our professional Resin Driveway service is available throughout the Bury area for fair and competitive prices. If you would like to learn more from our friendly team, be sure to call us today on 0161 764 6141 or contact us via email at

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