Unique Construction Ideas

The team at Dave Barton Construction are constantly looking for ways in which to improve their services by researching the best products and materials currently available on the market. Doing so has allowed the team to build a happy portfolio of customers that are only too happy to recommend our services to family and friends.

However, this latest research was a little more fun as the team wanted to find out what ‘alternative’ materials are available and how they have been used in renovation projects.

If you are looking for some unique construction ideas then check out the below products that will actually provide you with a totally unique project.

Glow in The Dark Driveway

Glow in the dark surfacing available with Dave Barton Construction

Do you want the coolest looking driveway in England? Look no further! This glow in the dark driveway is made using Photoluminescent stones and can make any driveway look both scary and magical.

The Photoluminescent stones (also known as a glow-stone) is a synthetic aggregate that contains a photoluminescent pigment that, after becoming chemically excited, will cause a stunning glow in the dark effect.

These glow-stones can be added to a resin mix and used to create a resin bond / bound surface.

These glow-stones are more commonly used in fish tanks and aquariums. Could these stones be used in a Dave Barton project? Watch this space!

Shipping Container Garden Home

A shipping container transformed into a garden home

If you are looking for something totally unique, contemporary and guaranteed to add the wow-factor to any property why not look at renovating an old shipping container? It may seem like a crazy idea at first but the more you think about it, the more it actually makes sense!

Having a garden home or extension can often be quite an expensive affair however, it doesn’t have to be, especially if you let your creative juices take over.

Shipping containers renovated into garden homes
Image Source: Greenmatch.co.uk

This type of ‘quirky living’ is becoming more and more popular due to the savings in cost, renovation time and a pre-built frame to work with. The small size makes these tiny garden homes a green construction method especially as solar panels, rain harvesting systems and green insulation can also be added to the project.

Should you be interested in a project like this why not give Dave Barton Construction a call and see what options are available.

Composite Materials – Cladding and Decking


Composite materials such as decking and cladding have been around for quite a while, yet have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years due to the colour options available and robust nature of the composite materials.

Composite decking and cladding are not unique, what you do with these products are!

Composite cladding used to create a unique addition to a property Image Source: https://www.ecoscapeuk.co.uk

Decking and cladding are a great way in which to personalise your property. The use of the boards can be used to create a unique aesthetic to a property designed to reflect the owner.
The composite boards are often more expensive than timber counter-parts but tend to last a lot longer providing people with a sound investment.

One of the UK’s biggest suppliers – Ecoscape UK composite cladding say that;

This new innovative colour stable product will not grey with weathering and keeps its vibrant colour year on year making it ideal for high-rise apartments, town houses and detached homes.

And there we have it, three unique construction ideas designed to make your property stand out from the norm!
Whether you want a resin driveway, an extension or simply wish to discuss options, please contact the team at Dave Barton Construction today for more info!

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

The bathroom is without a doubt one of the most important rooms in the house; not only does it act as a relaxing escape, perfect for unwinding after a hard day at work, but it also offers us a clean, sanitary environment to wash in.

Use these great bathroom cleaning tips to keep your household escape spotless!

Ensuring your bathroom remains a clean, tidy environment will allow its users to relax and feel completely comfortable when using it. That’s why the team at Dave Barton Construction have put together these great bathroom cleaning tips to help you keep your household retreat in tip top condition!

Cleaning Mould & Mildew

While mildew is certainly unsightly (and often comes with a recognisable nasty smell too) the best way to get rid of it for good, is to prevent it from coming back. Mildew growth is caused by a build-up of moisture on the ceiling and walls, often from steam when running hot water from taps and showers.

Bathroom Fan

Bathroom Cleaning Tip 1 -Prevent mould with ventilation

To prevent a build-up of moisture forming, your bathroom needs proper ventilation. Installing an extractor fan will allow you to effectively ventilate your bathroom, drawing the steam out and stopping mildew-causing water droplets forming.

Cleaning mildew away is a fairly easy task, simply use a reputable mould and mildew cleaning spray and a scouring pad to scrub away excess mould. Be sure to use a dust mask when cleaning to prevent inhaling any airborne spores loosened by the scrubbing and open windows to allow proper ventilation.

Cleaning Bathroom Tiles and Glass

Areas that are effected by hard water commonly suffer from lime scale forming on tiles and glass shower panes. The white stain left behind can look unsightly and unclean, and will certainly be a little off-putting to visiting friends and family.

Bathroom cleaning tips by Dave Barton Construction

The quickest and most effective way of ridding your bathroom from lime scale is with a quality steam cleaner. The hot jet of steam produced by these cleaners is perfect to strip the glass of lime scale stains and leave the pane gleaming!

Cleaning Bathroom Grout

White grout between tiles is a small yet effective visual aspect of a noticeably clean bathroom. Here’s a cheeky mix of two cleaning agents that will surely strip dirt from your grout!

Clean grout with bleach, soda and hot water

Mix bleach and a small amount of bicarbonate of soda with hot water. Then, using an old toothbrush and rubber gloves, dip your toothbrush into the mixture and scrub the grout until all dirt and stains are removed.

a box with bathroom cleaning liquids, sprays and sponges with white background

a box with bathroom cleaning liquids, sprays and sponges with white background

So, there we have three fantastic bathroom cleaning tips; remember to use your rubber gloves and dust mask when needed. Be sure to check back with us soon for more great home design and DIY tips!

Should you have any questions or wish to speak with a member of our team please contact Dave Barton Construction today on 0161 764 6141.

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